I am a self taught visual and mixed media artist. I love nothing more than sharing bits and pieces of my heart and soul with others through my artwork, which i refer to as my “transformations”. My mission is to use my creative expression to encourage others to tap into their fullest potential and to turn their PAIN into their PURPOSE, just like I did. For more on my story, check out my article in the Tampa Voyage Magazine (click here to read).  I look forward to connecting with you. Scroll down to explore my work!

Commission artwork is one sure way of honoring a fond memory, creating a unique piece only YOU will have, and bringing a specific vision to life.

Check out the original pieces I have left that are available for purchase! If you see something you like that is no longer available, I’m happy to commission your very own original.

Murals are an easy way to amp the value, uniqueness, and energy of a space. Especially luxurious homes and local businesses.


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